CTV Staff Members

Our knowledgeable and professional staff provides high level video production training and services to community residents in an atmosphere of repect, informality and cooperation.


Executive Director  

Joseph L. Schofield (jlschofield@citizenstv.org)

Joseph L. Schofield is the chief administrator of CTV, hiring and supervising its staff, advising the Board of Directors, executing fiscal and resource management, representing CTV before public and private entities, and setting and enforcing the service practices for the organization.

Program Manager  

Timothy Dagradi (tim@citizenstv.org)

Timothy Dagradi schedules all of the programming for channels 26, 27 and 96. All poducers and sponsors of programs follow the formatting and submission policiies established by Tim. All requests for program slots and special programming (live, extended time, repeat, etc.) are approved and scheduled by Tim

Production Assistants  

Al Smith (al@citizenstv.org)

Al Smith assists field producers with editing and studio producers with their production needs. Al has the requisite skills and knowledge of studio and field production, and helps set up and break down studio sets, is the floor manager, cameraperson or audio technician, and is CTV's jack of all trades, in constant motion assuring that the needs of producers and staff are met daily.

andrewfffAndrew Kosarko (akosarko@citizenstv.org)rko@citizenstv.org)

Aside from his robust schedule as a studio and field producer, director, videographer and editor, Andrew is our social media director and our VOD manager. As if that is not enough, Andrew is also our LIVE field producer/director/videographer. And, yes, he only gets one salary for all of these titles and duties.


Ricky Mitchner (ricky@citizenstv.org)

Ricky is our masterful operator and instructor of our state-of-the-art studio Tricaster video switcher, which has a daunting learning curve. As such, Ricky has a work schedule that requires him to work more evenings and weekends than any other staff member. All this in addition to his regular duties as a
Production Assistant.

Executive Assistant


Agnes Schofield (agnes@citizenstv.org)

Agnes Schofield is the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. In that capacity, she handles the fiscal and administrative records and is the Recorder for meetings of the CTV Board of Directors. Crossed trained as a camera operator, Agnes does both studio and field shoots as the need arises.


843 State St
New Haven, CT, 06511
203-562-2288 ph
203-562-0864 fax

Ch. 26 Ch. 27 Ch. 96

CTV Channels
Program Schedules

26 -Education Access
27 -Public Access
96 -Government Access

Monday: 10am - 6pm
Tues-Thurs: 10am - 8pm
Fri & Sun: CLOSED
Sat: Appointment Only






Producers and Sponsors
must drop off their DVDs
at least one (1) week
prior to the day they are
scheduled to be shown.

If CTV is closed, DVDs
may be submitted in the
secure (camera-monitored)
mailbox provided outside
the door.



CTV Local Origination
Studio Programs

Alma's Place
Alma Hall/CTV, Producer

Another Option
John Mullins, Producer

Bourbon Street
Andrew James, Producer

Brother Gonzalee
Gonzalee Henderson, Producer

Elm City Roots
Angi Carter, Producer

From Where We Sit
Jacquleline Bracey/CTV, Producer

Going Nuts About Health
Dawn Slade/CTV, Producer

Got Girlfriends?
Peaches Quinn/CTV, Producer

In Our Opinion
Dr. Paul Musco, Producer

Keeping It Real
Henry & Cynthia James, Producers

Keith Calls It
Keith Young Sr., Producer

The Lacy Show
Lacy Joy Whitefeather, Producer

Mike Nice
Mike Howard, Producer

Minority Report
Jose Candelario, Producer

Mike Illian & Kurt Boucher, Producers

Out In New Haven
John D. Allen/CTV. Producer

Pilot Light
Willard Burnett
& Belinda Roberts, Producers

Sandbox Chronicles
Gabor Kautzner/CTV, Producer

Signs of the Times
Samuel & Cheryl Thomas, Producers

It's News To You
Mike Illian & Kurt Boucher, Producers

Wellness Wisdom
Diane Frankel-Gramelis/CTV Producer

Your Healthcare
Dr. Amit Lahav/CTV, Producer